Cultural diversity

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Spain renews its support for the Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity

“In 2007–2008, the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (AECI) is donating €300,000 to develop the activities of the Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity.” Upon announcing the news, the Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity declared that through this generous support, new partnership projects will be developed at local and regional levels as part of the third phase of cooperation between AECI and the Global Alliance.

According to the Global Alliance press release, “in line with UNESCO's medium-term strategy for 2008–2013, priority will be given to Africa .” Two key areas will be emphasized:

  • The music industry, which is pivotal for many developing countries, particularly for market access and distribution
  • Awareness-raising in the fight against piracy

The Global Alliance notes that the projects will encourage capacity-building for professionals in the creative sector, especially through targeted training and the development of teaching and methodological tools.

“They will illustrate the opportunities that international cooperation and partnerships offer to consolidate the cultural industries in developing countries and contribute to the promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions throughout the world,” concluded Global Alliance.