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Notes pour une allocution de la ministre d'état à la culture et aux communications du québec, madame Diane Lemieux, à l'occasion des deuxièmes rencontres internationales des associations professionnelles de la culture à Paris

Dimanche le 2 février 2003

In this speech, the minister notes that the Québec government was the first to back an international legal instrument to recognize “the ability of states and governments to support and promote culture.” She also stresses that willingness to preserve and promote cultural diversity, and to design an international instrument to do so has grown in a number of international fora, each of which has designated UNESCO as the “appropriate international institution to implement this international instrument on cultural diversity.” She indicates that this must not be a trade instrument with a cultural component, but a cultural instrument with a trade component. The minister also discusses the importance of establishing a permanent and free tribunal where the debate on cultural diversity can continue with input from as many sources as possible. She also announces that Professor Ivan Bernier, whose work on international trade and cultural issues is world renowned, will soon be spearheading a column on the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications cultural diversity Website. (Available in French only)

Ministère de la Culture et des Communications