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L’Alliance globale pour la diversité culturelle - soutenir le développement des industries créatrices

M. KOÏCHIRO MATSUURA, Directeur général de l’UNESCO (DG/2003/168)

Paris, le 2 décembre 2003 - 2003/12/02

At the opening of the conference presenting the achievements of the UNESCO Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity, Mr. Matsuura stressed that the goal of the Alliance is “to support the development of creative industries […] in order to effectively meet the need for a more balanced, culturally diverse market, greater equity in development, and heightened enforcement of intellectual property rights through firmer opposition to various forms of piracy.” Recalling that the General Conference had given him a mandate to prepare a draft convention on the protection of cultural content and artistic expression, Mr. Matsuura said that UNESCO’s challenge is to develop and present member states with “a standard-setting international instrument containing measures capable of ensuring the relative sustainability of existing cultural diversity while at the same time stimulating creativity and the worldwide circulation of the various forms of artistic expression.” In his view, the Global Alliance “could further ongoing reflection on standards by providing concrete examples of ways in which cultural offerings can be expanded to the national and international level for the benefit of all and for the benefit of diversity itself, through a new kind of solidarity and new modes of partnership.” (Available in French only)