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Union européenne : «Une contribution au principe actif que constitue la diversité culturelle» - Bilan du conseil éducation et culture

Mme VIVIANE REDING, Membre de la Commission européenne en charge de l’éducation et de la culture

Bruxelles, le 2 décembre 2003 - 2003/12/02

In this appraisal, Ms Reding reviews the various steps leading up to the adoption of the principle of the forthcoming UNESCO international convention on cultural diversity, emphasizing the contribution of the European Union (EU) and EU culture ministers. Although pleased with the widespread support for a convention, Ms Reding acknowledges that “there is still work to be done to reach agreement on content and answer certain questions regarding, for example, perceptions of the document as protectionist, or the link between the agreement and human rights and societal values.” She urges the European Commission to make a further contribution by finalizing the report on cultural diversity. (Available in French only)