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Substituer la «solidarité» numérique à la «fracture» numérique

Rabat (Maroc), 4-5 septembre 2003 - 2003/10/4-5

Further to its decision to actively contribute to the success of the World Summit on the Information Society in Geneva this December 10 to 12, and in Tunis, Tunisia, in 2005, the International Organization of the Francophonie (OIF) brought together the ministers for information technology and communications from its 56 member states and governments in Rabat, Morocco, from September 4 to 5 for a ministerial conference on the information society. The ministerial conference approved OIF’s contribution to the WSIS debates and mandated the secretary general of the organization to present and interpret the contribution at WSIS. OIF’s contribution revolves around priority themes for the international francophone community. The first priority is making cultural and linguistic diversity a cornerstone of the information society. This means using information and communications technology “to affirm and promote cultural and linguistic diversity and promote intercultural dialog that takes identities into account.” The second priority is strengthening the independence and pluralism of private and public media “in order to allow full freedom of expression and encourage the diversity of the content  that is produced and broadcast.” A press release to this effect was issued. (Available in French only)