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La france et l’allemagne s’engagent en faveur de la promotion et de la protection de la diversité culturelle

Table ronde franco-allemande sur la diversité culturelle - La diversité culturelle, source de création : biens culturels, politique audiovisuelle et mondialisation

Déclaration de Sarrebruck

Sarrebruck, 20 et 21 novembre 2003 - 2003/11/20-21

At the conclusion of the French-German round table on the theme “ Cultural diversity, the wellspring of creation: cultural goods, audiovisual policy, and globalization,” held in Saarbrucken on November 20–21, 2003, event organizers Peter MÜLLER, minister president of Saarland and Federal Republic of Germany plenipotentiary for French-German relations , Jean-Jacques AILLAGON , French minister of culture, and his German counterpart Christina WEISS, issued a joint statement calling for the promotion and protection of cultural diversity. In the statement, they hail the significant advances for cultural diversity and pluralism achieved in the draft treaty for a European constitution. In light of threats to the diversity of cultural content in the current international environment, they also call for a controlled form of globalization that will foster the development of diverse cultural products and the harmonious growth of cultural industries, and help guarantee media pluralism. In this regard, they agree to “cooperate very closely under UNESCO to develop a draft international convention on cultural diversity” and commit to “securing support for the principle of a negotiated international convention on cultural diversity from the members of the expanded European Union.” (Available in French and German only)