Cultural diversity

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Nous avons réussi à aplanir les divergences en vue de la phase finale des négociations

M. PIERRE PETTIGREW, ministre fédéral du Commerce international - Gouvernement du Canada

Ministère des Affaires étrangères et du Commerce international, 20 novembre 2003 - 2003/11/20

Mr. Pettigrew was pleased with the progress made at the Miami Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) Summit, which brought together 34 trade ministers from the western hemisphere ( He declared that “although we did not achieve all that we had sought, we have succeeded in narrowing differences on the way forward for the final phase of negotiations.” The trade ministers reaffirmed “their commitment to concluding by January 2005 a comprehensive and balanced agreement that will expand prosperity and foster economic growth throughout the hemisphere.” The minister stressed that “ Canada is also determined to maintain the flexibility necessary to pursue its cultural policy objectives” in the context of the negotiations currently under way on the FTAA. Canada ’s proposal sought to include cultural diversity in the preamble of the FTAA Agreement. Canada also feels that states “must maintain their ability to preserve, develop, and apply their cultural policies to reinforce cultural diversity, given the essential role cultural products and services play in the identity and diversity of a society and in the lives of its people.” ( Available in French and English only )