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Initier le dialogue interculturel et la prévention des conflits dans le respect de la diversité culturelle

Conférence des ministres européens responsables des Affaires culturelles - D ÉCLARATION D’OPATIJA

Opatija, Croatie, 22 octobre 2003 - 2003/22/10/22

Council of Europe culture ministers met in Opatija, Croatia, from October 20 to 22 to examine their “new roles and responsibilities for initiating intercultural dialog and preventing conflict while respecting cultural diversity.” They released a declaration in which they recognized that “respect for cultural diversity is crucial to the construction of a peaceful, prosperous Europe.” They also declared that “all governments must become aware of the importance of cultural policies in achieving these objectives.” Stressing that “learning diversity” opens people’s eyes to the world and helps them see and behave in new ways, they agreed to ensure the free expression of different forms of artistic, cultural, social, religious, and philosophical practice adopted by individuals or specific cultural groups; to support cultural and intercultural practices that allow cultural identities to flourish and reach out to others; to safeguard and protect all forms of tangible and intangible heritage; and to condemn all forms of violent and forced assimilation and encourage in all states the creation of the conditions necessary for the development of societies open to cultural diversity.

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