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Les artistes du monde prônent la diversité culturelle

IVe Conférence annuelle du Réseau international pour la diversité culturelle (RIDC) - LETTRE OUVERTE DES ARTISTES

Opatija - 13-15 octobre 2003 - 2003/10/13-15

Artists from around the globe have expressed their support for UNESCO’s initiative to develop “a new global Convention on Cultural Diversity to provide a legal foundation for government measures that support cultural diversity and to encourage governments to use that authority domestically.” They urge world leaders not to bargain away culture in trade talks, to implement a legally binding convention on cultural diversity, to use their powers to support diverse local artists and cultural producers, and to help those countries that don’t yet have the capacity to bring their stories, music, and other artistic expressions to audiences everywhere. In their view, “the road to security and prosperity requires that we celebrate and encourage our cultural diversity and embrace and respect our cultural differences.” ( Available in French, English and Spanish only).