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La diversité culturelle est un droit imprescriptible pour chaque état

Communiqué final des 13e rencontres cinématographiques de beaune

Beaune (France), 26 octobre 2003 - 2003/10/26

The 13th edition of Rencontres Cinématographiques de Beaune drew over 450 directors and film industry professionals from different countries to discuss a variety of European and international issues. Organized by Société civile des Auteurs-Réalisateurs-Producteurs (ARP) and the City of Beaune to foster dialogue and help set common goals for European writers, directors, and producers, the event has become “ the annual gathering for directors and film industry professionals.” Filmmakers in attendance adopted a declaration hailing UNESCO’s decision to develop a standard-setting instrument on cultural diversity and expressing their expectations that the convention “give force of international law to the principles set out in the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity and reaffirm that cultural diversity is a right all states are entitled to exercise.” In addition, they expressed their desire that the convention “ensure the compatibility of international standards, but without subordinating one to another, particularly not to WTO.” Attendees also said they would “be especially vigilant with regard to the UNESCO process, which they would like to participate in full to ensure the convention is complete.” ( Available in French only )