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L'assemblée nationale du québec souligne la décision récente des membres de l'unesco d'entreprendre la rédaction d'un projet de convention internationale sur la diversité culturelle.

Motion sans préavis de la ministre de la culture et des communications, mme line beauchamp, à l’assemblée nationale du québec

Québec, le 29 octobre 2003 - 2003/10/29

Québec, le 29 octobre 2003 - 2003/10/29

The Q uébec National Assembly adopted a motion tabled by Minister of Culture and Communications Line Beauchamp hailing UNESCO’s decision to develop an international convention on cultural diversity. Recalling the main elements of the Québec government’s position on cultural diversity and acknowledging the contribution of various international organizations and institutional partners, particularly the Canadian Coalition for Cultural Diversity, Ms Beauchamp moved that the “UNESCO decision be considered a major step toward protecting the world’s cultural heritage.” For Ms Beauchamp, Québec’s task will now be “to support and possibly assist the experts mandated by UNESCO to draw up a draft convention by July 2004.” Québec would also be well advised to “delve more deeply into certain convention-related strategic issues” and ensure that “governments active in defending cultural diversity remain engaged and continue promoting awareness so that the convention sees the light of day and has teeth.” “We will do this,” declared Ms Beauchamp, “by maintaining our exemplary partnership with civil society, including the Coalition for Cultural Diversity.” ( Available in French only )

Ministère de la Culture et des Communications