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Vers l’adoption de la convention sur la diversité culturelle à l’unesco en 2005 : les étapes à venir et les défis relever

M. pierre curzi, porte-parole du comité international de liaison des coalitions pour la diversité culturelle, coprésident de la coalition canadienne pour la diversité culturelle

Opatija, Croatie, 17 octobre 2003 - 2003/10/17

In a speech at the 6th Annual Ministerial Meeting of the International Network on Cultural Policy (INCP) held in Croatia from October 16 to 18, Pierre Curzi hailed UNESCO’s decision to develop an international convention on cultural diversity “with regard to protecting the diversity of cultural content and artistic expression.” He saluted the remarkable efforts of INCP in support of the convention, as well as the contribution of professional bodies and various cultural diversity coalitions. Mr. Curzi declared that in the wake of UNESCO’s “historic decision,” it was important “to begin preparing immediately for the next phase” leading to the adoption of the international convention at the 2005 General Conference. Mr. Curzi laid out the main priorities for action, suggested several ideas that “could strengthen the cooperation […]already developed between INCP and the coalition movement in recent years,” and also expressed a strong wish to see “the INCP join forces with the Coalition Liaison Committee in lobbying UNESCO leaders.”

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