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L’unesco et le dossier de la diversité culturelle : un succès pour la diplomatie québécoise

Québec, le 15 octobre 2003 – 2003/10/15

Rejoicing in the recent developments at UNESCO with regard to cultural diversity, Ms Monique Gagnon-Tremblay sees a “happy end to the work of Québec diplomacy, which has shown both daring and vision in conveying and defending its point of view.” She notably declares that “UNESCO’s decision to have its director general start work on drafting a convention on cultural content and artistic expression is the first step in a process whose outcome will be at the next General Conference in two years.” Affirming also that “the Québec government will continue its efforts to ensure that the convention UNESCO adopts embodies the very spirit of Québec’s ideas”, Ms Gagnon-Tremblay thanks Ms Line Beauchamp, Minister of Culture and Communications, for her work as “the voice of the Québec government at the UNESCO General Conference.” (Available in French only)

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