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Une convention internationale sur la diversité culturelle doterait le domaine culturel d'un régime de droit parallèle au droit commercial international

Mme Line Beauchamp, ministre de la culture et des communications du Québec

Opatija, Croatie, le 17 octobre 2003 – 2003/10/17

In this speech given at the 6th Annual Ministerial Meeting of the International Network on Cultural Policy (INCP), which brought together 59 culture ministers as well as representatives from observer states and UNESCO, the Council of Europe, and the French-speaking world, Ms Beauchamp declares that UNESCO’s “historic decision” to start work on an international convention on cultural diversity is “largely due to the work done beforehand by the INCP,” and that the results “also reflect the huge efforts by professional organizations and coalitions from civil society.” Remarking on Québec’s official position on cultural diversity in particular, which states Québec’s desire to “maintain its full right to intervene in support of culture and, to this end, support the adoption of an international convention on cultural diversity entrenching the rights of countries and governments to maintain, develop, and implement policies supporting culture and cultural diversity,” Ms Beauchamp states that such a convention would give the cultural domain parallel rights to international trade rights and an efficient dispute settlement mechanism.” Ms Beauchamp notably mentions various areas to reflect on “that could prove useful to both the authorities responsible for developing cultural policies and to UNESCO experts.” She also notes Québec’s commitment to “helping organize meetings and share knowledge and conclusions further to the work done by UNESCO”, to make the UNESCO General Conference in 2005 a success for the cause of cultural diversity. (Available in French only)

Ministère de la Culture et des Communications