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La diversité culturelle à l’unesco : une étape historique vers l'établissement de normes sur la promotion du commerce culturel équitable

Paris (France), le 14 octobre 2003 – 2003/10/14

As part of the 32nd session of the UNESCO General Conference, Ms Sheila Copps appeared before Commission IV (Culture) to show her support for an international convention on cultural diversity “that would establish international standards in this regard.” Stressing that UNESCO has taken a decisive step by choosing to go ahead with drafting the convention, Ms Copps declares that “This is a milestone in ensuring effective standard-setting for the promotion of equitable cultural exchange, and will help preserve common human heritage and foster development, peace, and democracy.” Ms Copps also indicates that the “governments of Canada and Québec are working closely together to move this draft forward,” and that “the solid partnership between various cultural groups has forced governments the world over to pay special attention to the question of cultural diversity.” She also states that Canada’s election to the UNESCO Executive Council “will allow it to work to ensure that the goals of the convention are achieved and that it adheres to agreements and other international obligations.” (Available in English and French only)

Ministère du Patrimoine canadien