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Canada - paper on cultural diversity in the free trade area of the americas (ftaa) negotiations

FTAA - Trade Negotiations Committee - (FTAA.TNC/w/195) - September 23, 2003 - 2003/09/23

This text describes the multilateral efforts in the Americas and international forums—notably UNESCO—to promote the importance of preserving cultural diversity and developing an international binding legal instrument that would set clear rules for countries to maintain policies encouraging cultural diversity. In this regard, Canada encourages signatory countries of the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) agreement to get actively involved at UNESCO and ensure that the outcomes of FTAA negotiations are fully consistent with such objectives. In addition, Canada reaffirms its position on cultural diversity found in the FTAA preamble, which recognizes that countries must maintain the ability to preserve, develop, and implement their cultural policies for the purpose of strengthening cultural diversity, given the essential role that cultural goods and services play in the identity and diversity of society and the lives of individuals. This approach to cultural diversity finds similar voice in the official positions of member states from the Americas, which have acknowledged the need for greater cooperation in drawing maximum benefits from globalization, while reducing its harmful effects on efforts to protect and promote cultural diversity in the Americas. (Available in English and Spanish only)