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Le gouvernement du québec adopte une position officielle en matière de diversité culturelle

Québec, le 19 septembre 2003 – 2003/09/19

Following approval by cabinet of a memorandum, the Québec government reaffirmed its official position on cultural diversity, the thrust of which is as follows: Québec wants to maintain its full right to intervene in support of culture through its policies; Québec will refuse to make commitments to liberalization and will have recourse to the means necessary to preserve its policies within the framework of all trade negotiations (WTO, FTAA, bilateral agreements, etc.) and the liberalization of trade and investment each time questions raised may affect Québec's ability to take action to support culture; Québec supports the adoption of an international convention on cultural diversity entrenching the rights of countries and governments to maintain, develop, and implement policies supporting culture and cultural diversity; this international convention must define rights applicable to cultural diversity while also stressing openness to other cultures and cultural expression; this international convention must create parallel rights to international trade rights, not subordinate rights, and must include an efficient dispute settlement mechanism; Québec supports the adoption of an international convention on cultural diversity by UNESCO. This memorandum was submitted by Ms Line Beauchamp (Minister of Culture and Communications), and signed jointly by Ms Monique Gagnon-Tremblay (Deputy Premier Minister of International Relations, and Minister responsible for La Francophonie), and Mr. Michel Audet (Minister of Economic and Regional Development). (Available in French only)