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Politiques culturelles et diversité culturelle

Communication de madame catherine tasca, représentante spéciale du secrétaire général de l'organisation internationale de la francophonie (oif) à la RÉUNION DES COMMISSIONS NATIONALES POUR L’UNESCO À  STOCKOLM - SUÈDE, le 12 mai 2003 – 2003/05/12

In her speech, Ms Tasca addressed this “essential theme for the future of cultures and their say in globalization” by stressing the progress being made on the actual idea of cultural diversity and the issues it raises. She maintains that promoting diversity requires active cultural policies and the creation of an international legal instrument. For Ms Tasca, the goal of such a convention would be “to give legitimacy to national policies on cultural diversity by force of international law.” It would also “guarantee the right of countries to introduce and/or develop their domestic cultural policies outside the purview of trade liberalization.” According to Ms Tasca, the convention would also eventually serve as a frame of reference on this issue for countries or international organizations, and make it possible to work toward the peaceful coexistence of international commercial trade rules and cultural diversity as a principle of international law. As negotiations move forward at the WTO, Ms Tasca hopes and prays that “urgent and concerted action at UNESCO will bring a convention on cultural diversity to a successful conclusion by the time WTO agreements are completed in 2005, so that these questions can be dealt with based on their own logic and issues.” (Available in French only)

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