Cultural diversity

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[Translate to Anglais:] Allocution du ministre delegue au commerce exterieur de france, m. francois loos, en marge de la conference ministerielle de l'organisation mondiale du commerce

Cancun, 10 septembre 2003 – 2003/09/10

In his speech, Mr. Loos reminded the heads of state and government of Francophonie member countries of the Beirut Declaration: “The preservation of cultural diversity means refraining from any commitment to WTO liberalization with regard to cultural goods and services, in order not to compromise the effectiveness of the instruments designed to promote and support cultural diversity.” In this respect, France is asking francophones to “rally countries that understand this requirement to support a UNESCO convention on cultural diversity.” Mr. Loos maintains that “The diversity of our cultures enriches trade. It must without question be preserved. We are all fond of our histories and cultures. Let’s give ourselves the means to keep them alive by refusing any debate at the WTO on cultural diversity.” (Available in French only)