Cultural diversity

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La ministre de la culture et des communications, mme line beauchamp, rend public son plan de mise en œuvre des mesures visant à soutenir le cinéma et la production audiovisuelle

Saint-Sauveur, le 5 septembre 2003 – 2003/09/05

On the eve of her departure for France to promote cultural diversity with UNESCO dignitaries and French government officials, minister of culture and communications Ms Line Beauchamp stated that "in a context of globalization and standardization of cultural goods, Québec’s film and audiovisual industry plays a key role as a cultural ambassador. At the same time, its vulnerability to global market laws is a glaring example of the importance of protecting the states’ ability to defend the cultural specificity that sets them apart. With this in mind, next week in Paris I will be a spokesperson for Québec’s position on cultural diversity, holding out my wish for our film industry: that it develop even further and take the place it rightly deserves.” (Available in French only)