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Résolution du parlement européen sur les industries culturelles (2002/2127(ini)), document p5_ta-prov(2003)0382, parlement européen

Jeudi 4 septembre 2003 – 2003/09/04

Following the Final Report on Cultural Industries ( -français -anglais) submitted on July 14, 2003, by the Committee on Culture, Youth, Education, the Media, and Sports, the European Parliament passed a resolution on cultural industries during its session on Thursday, September 4. The European Parliament, which considers that cultural industries are key to the dynamic maintenance of cultural diversity in Europe, requests that the Commission "define a coherent and proactive strategy seeking to develop innovative, flexible, and appropriate instruments to promote the competitiveness of European cultural and creative industries, which would be based on the principles of comparative national advantage, the maintenance of regional or local custom and of cultural diversity." It also calls on the Commission, member states, and regions, within their respective competencies and abilities, "to examine best practices throughout the EU with a view to promoting cultural diversity" and "to support efforts to develop the proposed UNESCO Convention on Cultural Diversity ."