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Conférence ministérielle de la francophonie sur la société de l’information - contribution de la francophonie au sommet mondial sur la société de l’information

Rabat, Maroc, 4-5 septembre 2003 – 2003/09/4-5

Ministers and delegation heads representing francophone states and governments met at the Francophone Ministerial Conference in Rabat, Morocco to affirm their desire to actively contribute to the success of the World Summit on the Information Society in Geneva in 2003. In this respect, they asserted that respect for cultural and linguistic diversity must be a basic principle of the information society, and consequently maintained that information and communication technologies must be used to affirm and promote cultural and linguistic diversity and foster dialogue based on respect for cultural identities: "We stress the importance of supporting the production and circulation of content that reflects the diversity of these identities, particularly through the use of freeware. People must have the freedom to express themselves in French and national languages. Similarly, the information society must give cultural heritage due space." (Available in French only)