Cultural diversity

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Allocution du premier ministre du québec, m. Jean Charest, à l'occasion de la conférence de Montréal.

Montréal, le 7 mai 2003. 2003/05/07

Stating that “what Québec lacks in numbers it must make up for in daring,” Québec Premier Jean Charest confirms his new government’s commitment to being “a tireless defender” of cultural diversity and to opposing all inclusion of culture in commercial agreements. In this regard, Premier Charest says that “Québec will do its utmost to preserve its right to promote its culture. We will never slacken in our quest to exclude culture from all commercial liberalization agreements. My government will fight above all for commercial liberalization agreements to fully integrate the notions of protecting human and workers’ rights and safeguarding the environment.” (Available in French and English only)