Cultural diversity

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Allocution de Monsieur Jacques Chirac President de la Republique lors de la seance d'ouverture de la 22e conference des chefs d'etat d'Afrique et de France

In this speech, French President Jacques Chirac says that globalization is one of the biggest issues in the world today and that Africa faces the same challenges in this regard as other continents. According to Mr. Chirac, “globalization is not just economic and financial. It must also be ethical, cultural, and humanist. It must spark a discussion of differences.” Faced with the turmoil globalization causes and the opposition it engenders, Mr. Chirac says that Africa must play a role and work tirelessly on all fronts for our shared future: “Africa must promote its values of teamwork, creativity, and the diversity of its cultures and heritage.” (Available only in French).