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Xe Sommet de la Francophonie : « Mobilisation de tous les membres de la Francophonie pour assurer l'adoption de la Convention sur la diversité culturelle à l'UNESCO en 2005 »

M. Jean Charest, Premier ministre du Québec, Ouagadougou, le 27 novembre 2004 - 2004/11/27

The press release published following the 10 th Summit of La Francophonie , which took place from November 26 to November 27 in Ouagadougou , Burkina Faso , describes the closed-door policy that brought together heads of state and government members of La Francophonie. According to an observer, during this meeting, Quebec Prime Minister Jean Charest praised the importance given to the issue of cultural diversity at the Summit. He also warned of the consequences of the predominance of WTO regulations on the convention to be adopted by UNESCO in the fall of 2004 and particularly stressed the limitations of dispute settlement process that requires both parties' consent to get under way. To this end, Charest insisted on the need to mobilize all members of La Francophonie to ensure the adoption of Convention on cultural diversity with UNESCO in 2005 ,  as he stated, "It is important that we all make the effort so we don't miss this important deadline."

The Prime Minister was also very pleased with the adoption of a decennial strategic framework, which will allow the International Organization of La Francophonie "to better channel its energies towards the sectors where it excels." In particular, he officially announced that heads of state and government attending the 10 th Summit have decided that Quebec City will host the 12th Summit of La Francophonie in 2008, as part of the 400th anniversary of its founding. ( Available in French )