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Xe Sommet de la Francophonie : « La Francophonie unie et déterminée pour faire adopter la convention sur la diversité culturelle à l'UNESCO l'année prochaine »

M. Jacques Chirac, président de la République française, Ouagadougou, le 26 novembre 2004 - 2004/11/26

In his speech during the opening ceremony of the 10th Summit of La Francophonie, Mr. Jacques Chirac stated, "Cultural diversity, which our family (OIF) has made its standard, must be recognized as the fourth pillar of sustainable development. Next year's adoption of the Convention on Cultural Diversity is possible, so long as we remain united and determined. It will signify a decisive step in creating a new international order founded on solidarity and respect for one another."

In a message for the magazine Arabies at the time of the Summit, Chirac stated, "Equipped for the first time with a decennial strategic framework, La Francophonie will show its maturity. This framework will express a shared vision and ambition for a Francophonie that is confident in its identity, open to the diversity of peoples, languages and cultures, and ready to fully play its role in the great debates of our time. A Francophonie serving its members with a vision of the world based on solidarity and respect. Solidarity born from a shared language and culture. Respect for diversity, which has become the standard of our fight. A political Francophonie serving our common values: peace, democracy and the respect for human rights. He believes this decennial strategic framework will give La Francophonie the means to overcome challenges, provide direction of the actions of its operators and increase the credibility of projects presented to international lenders. For Mr. Chirac, La Francophonie is a unique forum for discussion and collaboration on the major issues facing today's world. Thus, sustainable development is naturally central to its cause.

Cultural diversity is one of the issues of sustainable development over which La Francophonie began taking action several years ago. Chirac stated, "It has demonstrated its strength and commitment in the fight for the recognition of a new right of cultural diversity. I am thrilled with the progress that has been made regarding this crucial issue at UNESCO since Beirut." He maintained, "We can, and we must, go further together towards humanizing and controlling globalization." He believes that 2005 will be a "decisive" year. "We hope to conclude negotiations for a new Convention on Cultural Diversity at UNESCO and in December of next year, the WTO will meet in Hong Kong for the final phase of the Doha Round." ( Available in French )