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La société civile suisse fait connaître aux autorités fédérales ses positions sur l'avant-projet de Convention de l'UNESCO sur la protection de la diversité des contenus culturels et des expressions artistiques

Commission suisse pour l'UNESCO, Berne, le 11 novembre 2004 -2004/ 11/11

After it attended the first meeting of governmental experts held at UNESCO between 20 and 24 September 2004, the NGO-UNESCO liaison committee sent a letter to the Federal Office for Culture in which it reminded the federal authorities of the positions of Swiss civil society regarding UNESCO's draft convention on the protection of the diversity of cultural content and forms of artistic expression. To a large extent, these positions inspired the message that the NGO-UNESCO liaison committee, which represents all the NGO's with official relationships with UNESCO, sent to the member States and to the director general of UNESCO. According to the committee, some of the stands taken by Switzerland echo the spirit of this message and others, particularly the stand on the relationship between the future convention and other international instruments, fail, at this point, to demonstrate a clear commitment on the part of Switzerland that is in line with the expectations expressed during the consultation. It thus urges the federal authorities to take these stands into account in the preparation of Switzerland's comments which will be sent to the Secretariat of UNESCO, and for the drawing up of these comments on the draft, offers its contribution towards a clear and definite commitment by Switzerland in favour of the protection and the promotion of cultural diversity. ( Available also in French and German ). [82]