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La diversité culturelle à la 2e Conférence des Chefs de gouvernement des Régions partenaires

Site officiel du Premier ministre du Québec, le 10 décembre 2004 - 2004/12/10

The 2 nd Conference of Partner Regions was held December 9-10 in Quebec City . On this occasion, Quebec Prime Minister Jean Charest, received his counterparts from Bavaria ( Germany ), the Western Cape ( South Africa ), Upper Austria ( Austria ) and Shandong ( China ). During the conference, the heads of government discussed two topics: Youth: Preparing the Upcoming Generation and Economy: Innovation and Technological Development . The special partnership among Partner Regions contributes to the sharing of information, with the objective of encouraging the adoption of government policies in favour of economic development, social protection, the sustainable preservation of life's essential resources and the preservation of cultural diversity.

Giving a positive report of their work at the end of the conference, the heads of government of Partner Regions reaffirmed the importance they accord to the respect of cultural diversity, which is "a source of wealth for all mankind." T hey also expressed their desire to continue their consultativ e work on the draft convention currently being examined at UNESCO in anticipation of the fall 2005 deadline. ( Available in French ). [85]