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Preliminary Draft Convention on the Protection of the Diversity of Cultural Contents and Artistic Expressions: Position Paper of the International Publishers Association

The International Publishers Association (IPA), Geneva, 15 November 2004 - 2004/11/15

The International Publishers Association (IPA) has made public its comments on t he Preliminary Draft Convention on the Protection of the Diversity of Cultural Contents and Artistic Expressions s and asked UNESCO that its position is considered and that the amendments to the text of the Convention are included in the compilation of proposed amendments . IPA has supported the process that has led to the drafting of the Convention. IPA and its members fully support the objectives and the general direction of the Convention. They also continue to support, to a large extent, the current preliminary draft text of the Convention. The objective of the proposed changes is to: Recognise the role publishing plays in promoting and protecting cultural diversity; Recognise the distinctiveness of the publishing environment and the different kind of support publishing needs compared to other media, in particular the audiovisual media; Safeguard intellectual property protection and other international treaties promoting cultural diversity such as the Florence Agreement; Limit the impact of this Convention on Human Rights and Freedom to Publish . Overall, IPA would also like to ensure that the Convention is used as an instrument to open society towards other cultures. Careful attention must be given that it is not used as a pretext for reducing cultural exchange, or suppressing specific views or lifestyles.

The comments and the proposals for an amendment of the IPA relate in particular to the following elements: Duality of Cultural Goods and Services; Protection of Human Rights; Cultural Diversity and Open Access; Definition of Cultural Goods and Services, Cultural Industries; The Relationship Of This Convention To Other International Treaties.

IPA is the international federation of trade associations representing publishers worldwide. Established in Paris in 1896, it now represents 78 national, regional and specialised publishers associations from 66 countries. IPA is an accredited non-governmental organisation enjoying consultative status to the United Nations. Its main goals are to promote freedom of expression and freedom to publish, to develop and defend the protection of intellectual property and to promote literacy and reading . ( Available in English ). [85]