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Les ministres de la Culture de l'Organisation de la conférence islamique (OCI) adoptent la Déclaration d'Alger sur la diversité culturelle

The Associated Press , édition du 16 décembre 2004 - 2004/12/16

Following three days of discussions that marked the 4th Conference of Ministers of Culture of the OIC, held in Algiers , ministers adopted the Algiers Declaration on "cultural diversity" and the "cultural strategy of the Islamic world." In this regard, the Secretary-General of the OIC called for the spreading of the principles contained in the "Islamic Charter on Cultural Diversity" in official circles, both within and outside the Islamic world. In particular, recommended the submission of the document on behalf of Islamic nations to the authorities at UNESCO working towards the adoption of an international convention on cultural diversity in 2005.

The theme of the Conference, which brought together ministers and representatives from some thirty member countries of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), was Cultural diversity between globalization and the preservation of the identity of peoples and their heritage . ( Available in French ). [85]