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The UNESCO draft Convention on Cultural Diversity and the New Canadian Cultural Policy

Ms. Liza Frulla, Minister of Canadian Heritage and
Minister Responsible for Status of Women, November 9, 2004 - 2004/11/09

Speaking at a Canadian Academy of Cinema and Television lunch gathering, Ms. Frulla outlined the main objectives of Canadian cultural policy and stressed the crucial role of artists and creators in this regard: “ They are the raw material of Canadian and Quebec culture (…) O ur creative people, our artists are our greatest source of innovation . Our cultural industries rely on their ideas, their talent, their vision, their courage and their commitment,” she stated. “To maximize the economic benefits that Canada derives from culture, our artists and our creative people must be able to rely not only on our support but also on a structure for presenting their works, enabling them to reach the public (…) we must draw on the strengths and skills of each of us to develop a Canadian cultural policy.”

This is quite a challenge, the minister declared: “ The objective is to make use of the unique character that our diversity and linguistic duality have given us; To recognize that the arts and culture are driving forces for Canada's social and economic development; To ensure that our artists have the tools to reach their audience in their own market; To give the people of Canada access to the works of our artists; To enable our creative people to have access to markets abroad; And to allow each country to adopt its own cultural policies and to have tools for protecting its own forms of expression. This is why I am committed to working for adoption of the International Convention on the Protection of the Diversity of Cultural Content and Artistic Expression”.

Ms. Frulla conveyed to her colleagues the sense and scope of this commitment, during its meeting 10 days ago with Canada's ministers responsible for culture at Halifax; all resolved to mobilize in support of the UNESCO draft convention. Noting the valuable cooperation of the Government of Quebec on this issue from the outset , she urged all those involved in television and film to “once again […] work in close cooperation” with her and share in this “vision” and “commitment .” (Disponible Available also in French and English ) [80]