Cultural diversity

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La Suisse participe au groupe de rédaction du projet de Convention sur la diversité culturelle

Switzerland will be one of 24 UNESCO member countries assigned to periodically review the Draft Convention on the Protection of the Diversity of Cultural Contents and Artistic Expressions, which will be submitted at the next UNESCO General Conference in October 2005. “The Swiss Commission for UNESCO warmly congratulates the Swiss delegation—led by Mr. Andrea F. G. Raschèr, Head of International and Legal Affairs at the Swiss Federal Bureau of Culture—for this appointment, which bears out the credibility that Switzerland enjoys in this field and the skills the international community recognizes in its experts.” This decision was made at the first intergovernmental meeting of experts on this Draft Convention, which took place in Paris from September 20 to 24, 2004. Over 500 participants from 128 member countries and some 20 IGOs and NGOs took part. “The debates showed that a majority of countries are taking a pragmatic line—also defended by Switzerland—whose main features are the recognition of the specificity of cultural goods and services on the one hand, and the right of countries to define their own policies in the matter on the other.” To support the efforts of the federal authorities, the Swiss Commission for UNESCO organized a broad consultation of civil society in late August . [77]