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Diversité culturelle : il faut "passer à la vitesse supérieure"

M. Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres, ministre français de la Culture et de la Communication, 13 octobre 2004 - 2004/10/13

In an interview with Agence France Presse (AFP) prior to the opening of the 7th Annual Ministerial Meeting of the International Network on Cultural Policy (INCP) in Shanghai, French culture minister Renaud de Vabres called for the “acceleration” of efforts to recognize cultural diversity. He argued that “the cultural sphere must have its own governing framework, and not be subject to the World Trade Organization.” INCP is made up of 63 member states and governments that are working for the adoption of a " convention on the protection of the diversity of cultural contents and artistic expressions " at the next general Conference of UNESCO in 2005. Mr. de Vabres noted that the initiative, “which has sparked strong U.S. misgivings” according to AFT, is designed to “enable states to support cultural practices and protect them from pure market forces.” Describing the Shanghai meeting as “very important,” the minister declared, “If we want to fight violence in international society, we have to recognize the right of all individuals to have their own identity, culture, and opportunity for expression.” ( Available in French ) [76]