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La diversité culturelle domine les travaux du 5e Sommet Asie-Europe (ASEM-5) - DéclarationASEM sur le Dialogue des Cultures et Civilisations

Agence vietnamienne d’information, 14 octobre 2004 - 2004/10/14

Marking a new page in the Asia-Europe partnership by strengthening multilateral cooperation, the 5th ASEM meeting on the theme Further Revitalising and Substantiating the Asia-Europe Partnership in Hanoi, Vietnam, wound up with the adoption of three joint declarations and nine cooperation initiatives. Cultural diversity and national cultures in the era of information technology and globalization were among the main topics on the agenda at the 3rd in camera meeting of ASEM-5 delegation leaders. They adopted the Declaration on Dialogue Among Cultures and Civilizations and expressed their shared convictions with respect to this theme by reaffirming their commitment to stepping up dialog in this area at every level with ASEM on a basis of mutual respect and equality. Leaders also emphasized that cultural diversity was part of humankind’s common heritage and that it was necessary to seek increased unity in diversity and respect for all cultures and civilizations, without distinction or prejudice. They drew special attention to the need to protect national cultural identities in the face of the rapid development of information and communication technologies and globalization. They also affirmed the importance of rejecting discrimination against cultural values in any form. Lastly, the delegation leaders reaffirmed their determination to pursue the dialog within the UNESCO framework on the draft convention on cultural diversity, which should help strengthen international cultural cooperation. ( Available in French ) [76]