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La diversité culturelle : "une éthique sociale de la mondialisation"

M. Jacques Chirac, Président de la République française, New York, le 20 septembre 2004 - 2004/09/20

Taking part in two UN meetings on the social dimension of globalization and development funding, Mr. Jacques Chirac asked that “the right to cultural diversity be affirmed” and that “WTO consider the social dimension in its work.” He maintained that “beyond the multilateral system, we need to give a boost to social dialogue at the global level, to promote the social ethics of globalization.” According to Chirac, “the ultimate aim of political action is obviously human progress. It is to guarantee respect for each person’s dignity and provide each person the opportunity to achieve success.” He also stated that “social concern should permeate all international action. It should inspire initiatives to improve the consistency and coordination of the multilateral system. Creation of a political forum for the economic and social governance of globalization to provide the required impetus […]. Affirmation of the right to cultural diversity […]. Consideration of the social dimension in the work of the WTO, whose rules and decisions have a growing impact on how our economies and societies function, and assurance that these rules are human.” (Available in French) [73]