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Séminaire d'information à l'UNESCO : "Les enjeux de la future convention sur la protection de la diversité des contenus culturels et des expressions artistiques" - Déclaration

Le Comité International de Liaison des coalitions pour la diversité culturelle, Paris le 14 septembre 2004 - 2004/09/14

The press release issued at the conclusion of the meeting reported that experts and artists debated the future UNESCO convention on the protection cultural contents and artistic expressions. Artists and cultural professionals expressed their “unconditional support for the UNESCO process, even though they would like to see the text reinforced as it is finalized over the year ahead in order to provide legal protection for cultural diversity and ensure culture is exempted from trade negotiations.” The press release also states that “the cultural community emphasized that the convention must focus on the right, indeed the obligation, of states to establish cultural policies that enable national cultures to exist and to travel, and individuals to have access to their own culture and foreign cultures as well.” Furthermore, representatives from organizations of cultural professionals “urged states to support and strengthen the draft convention and to adopt it at the next UNESCO General Conference in fall 2005.” (Available in French) [72]