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Préserver la diversité culturelle: "Les règles juridiques en matière de commerce international ne peuvent être les mêmes pour des œuvres d'art et de simples marchandises"

Mme Viviane Reding, commissaire européenne à la Culture et à l'Audiovisuel, le 6 septembre 2004 - 2004/07/06

Speaking at the 61st edition of the Mostra Film Festival held in Venice from September 1 to 11, 2004, European culture and audiovisual commissioner Viviane Reding unveiled the MEDIA 2007 audiovisual assistance program. She emphasized the “need to preserve the cultural diversity of Europe” and noted that “film is one of the best tools to do so.” She also commented on the preliminary text of UNESCO’s Convention on the Diversity of Cultural Expression, which will be the subject of intergovernmental negotiations starting on September 20. Stressing that international trade rules cannot be the same for works of art and ordinary goods,. She declared, “A film is a work of art, not a sack of potatoes.” Ms Reding has secured a place for the European Commission at the convention negotiating table and has also called on professionals in the culture sector to lobby their governments about the importance of the treaty. (Available in French) [71]