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Le sens du combat pour la diversité culturelle: "Permettre à la variété des identités de trouver de vraies formes d'expression"

M. Jacques Chirac, président de la République française, le 5 septembre 2004 - 2004/09/05

At a ceremony attended by film industry personalities to name U.S. filmmaker Stephen Spielberg to the French Legion of Honor, French president Jacques Chirac declared “Our country […] loves the cinema, all cinema […] This is the focal point of our fight for cultural diversity—to allow the multitude of identities to find genuine expression and to recognize the equal dignity of all cultures, each of which incarnates a portion of human universality.” In turn, Mr. Spielberg paid tribute to France’s efforts and declared, “We must work very, very hard to help people understand that differences are to be celebrated, not condemned.” (Available in French) [71]