Cultural diversity

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"Il est essentiel pour les Amériques de participer activement à l’élaboration de la Convention internationale sur la protection des contenus culturels et des expressions artistiques"

Mme Liza Frulla, ministre du Patrimoine canadien, Mexico, le 23 août 2004 - 2004/08/23

In her speech to colleagues at the Second Inter-American Meeting of Ministers of Culture and Highest Appropriate Authorities of Americas, Canadian heritage minister Ms Liza Frulla declared “it is essential for the Americas to participate actively in the development of the International Convention on the Protection of Cultural Content and Artistic Expression.” She called on her counterparts to “work together and seize every opportunity to promote the cultural, economic, and social interests of our populations.” She also stated “As representatives of our governments, we have a duty to act. Together, we must harness the wind of change brought by globalization to make culture an instrument to promote development, improve quality of life, and reinforce our identities.” For Ms Frulla, the convention must “set clear rules to ensure that trade in cultural goods and services takes place within a coherent framework” and “recognize that cultural goods and services are the reflection of the human spirit and the soul of our identities (and) are not just another kind of merchandise.” Stating that what is at stake with cultural diversity is “the richness of a diversified world. A world that is not standardized, nor uniform,” Ms Frulla declared in this respect that “it is urgent for us to take action today” and stated her desire to work with OAS “to achieve a still broader international consensus on this important Convention.” [69] (Available in French and English)