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Cultural diversity with the OAS’ Second Inter-American Meeting of Ministers of Culture and Highest Appropriate Authorities – Declaration of Mexico

Organisation des États américains - Conseil interaméricain pour le développement intégré, Mexico, le 24 août 2004 - 2004/08/24

At the end of the sixth plenary session held in August 2004 as part of the OAS’ Second Inter-American Meeting at Mexico, ministers and senior government officials responsible for cultural policies and supporting cultural activities in the Americas adopted the Declaration of Mexico. In doing so, they affirmed that “cultural expressions are vectors of identity, value, and meaning, and that cultural diversity is essential in the promotion of economic growth with equity; and is an essential condition for social development and the fight against poverty, and a fundamental element of any conceptualization of democratic governance.” They reaffirmed “the Declaration of Cartagena de Indias, in particular that it is necessary to strengthen dialogue on cultural and linguistic diversity directed at recognition of and respect for diverse cultures…to encourage greater cooperation between governments, civil society and the private and voluntary sector in order to develop new and dynamic cultural policies and programs aimed at promoting the diversity of cultural expressions of the hemisphere, maximizing the benefits of globalization and mitigating its negative effects on the preservation and promotion of cultural diversity in the Americas.” In addition, stressing UNESCO’s efforts to support cultural diversity—notably the Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity and the resolution adopted by consensus at the UNESCO 32nd General Conference to develop a draft international convention on cultural diversity—they have resolved to promote regional dialogue on the matter. The declaration they adopted to this effect addresses the three main topics discussed at the meeting, with cultural diversity as their common thread: culture as an engine for economic growth, employment, and development; challenges faced by cultural and creative industries; and culture as a tool for inclusion, social cohesion, and the fight against poverty. The final declaration will be posted soon on the OAS Website, but the version of August 12 is already available. [69] (Available in French, English and Spanish)