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Cultural diversity with the OAS’ Second Inter-American Meeting of Ministers of Culture and Highest Appropriate Authorities – Civil Society’s Perspectives

Organisation des États américains - Conseil interaméricain pour le développement intégré, Mexico, le 24 août 2004 - 2004/08/24

The Civil Society Consultation Workshop hosted by OAS in Santiago, Chile on July 26 and 27, 2004, focused on The place of culture in the process of social development and economic integration in our hemisphere. During this meeting, representatives of civil society discussed and analyzed the three main themes of the Second Inter-American Meeting on August 23 and 24: culture as an engine for economic growth, employment, and development; the challenges faced by cultural and creative industries; and culture as a tool for social cohesion and the fight against poverty. They also reviewed the draft UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Diversity of Cultural Content and Artistic Expression and proposed actions on all these issues to fuel discussions at the second ministerial meeting. A document presenting the conclusions of this workshop to the Second Inter-American Meeting of Ministers of Culture is available on the OAS Website. [69] (Available in French, English and Spanish)