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La diversité culturelle à Radio Canada : "la radio française confirme son mandat de service public et se distingue plus que jamais dans le paysage radiophonique"

Union européenne de radio-télévision, 13 mai 2004 – 2004/05/13

The European Broadcasting Union issued a statement announcing that Radio-Canada, Première Chaîne, will feature twelve additional hours of cultural programming. “With the musical landscape of French-language radio in Canada becoming more and more homogenous, the challenge is ours now more than ever,” declared the corporation’s vice president Sylvain Lafrance. “Supporting cultural diversity and promoting our musical heritage are major challenges and national public service priorities.”
The cultural station is also gearing up for a makeover, with a new focus on musical diversity and Canadian talent, giving its latenights entirely over to the 16 to 34 age group. “This reform will strengthen Radio-Canada’s public service mandate by offering Canadian listeners even more choice and diversity in radio content—a choice offered by a network dedicated to providing information and cultural content on one hand, and musical diversity from home and abroad on the other.” (Available in French, and English)