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Déclaration commune des agences européennes du cinéma pour l'audiovisuel européen

Centre national de la cinématographie (CNC), 17 mai 2004 - 2004/05/17

“The national film agencies of the European Union countries are dedicated to supporting and strengthening Europe's audiovisual industries and through them the richness and diversity of European cultures.” Appealing to European culture ministers gathered at Cannes during the Cannes festival, agency heads called for “sufficient” EU funding for the audiovisual sector. In their joint declaration, the heads of 21 film agencies and the representatives of five other countries expressed their “concern” over any proposal that would “diminish commitment and resources at a European level that support policies aimed at a competitive and diverse audiovisual sector in Europe.” They have called for “the inclusion in the new European budget from 2007, for a budget line for audiovisual” and affirm that the budget “must recognize both the economic and cultural imperatives of audiovisual policy:” [62] (Available in French)