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Coopération France-Québec : "Poursuivre notre réflexion commune sur la diversité culturelle" - Entrevue accordée par M. Jean Charest à M. Pierre Ganz, journaliste à Radio France internationale

L’Express, édition du 10 mai 2004 - 2004/05/10

In this interview, which can be heard on the Radio France internationale Website, Québec Premier Jean Charest reaffirms Québec’s determination to play a more active role on the international stage within the framework of the Canadian confederation. He discusses the need to protect cultural diversity by reconciling it with what he views as a compatible position in favor of free trade. Mr. Charest declares that “Free trade should not be implemented under just any conditions.” Free trade negotiations must take into account “issues of good governance, human rights, the environment, and workers’ rights”—this is the type of globalization the premier seeks. Asked about the status of France-Québec cooperation, Mr. Charest says he hopes to continue their “joint reflection on cultural diversity issues.” (Available in French)