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Le Québec, la France et la diversité culturelle : "Faire entendre la voix du Québec sur la scène internationale"

M. Jean Charest, Premier ministre du Québec, le 5 mai 2004 - 2004/05/05

Wrapping up a five-day official visit to France in the company of his minister of culture and communications, Ms Line Beauchamp, Premier Jean Charest of Québec delivered a positive assessment of the experience. During the visit, Mr. Charest met with French political leaders as well as the director-general of UNESCO and the secretary general of the Francophonie, with whom he discussed cultural diversity, "an issue that Québec staunchly defends." Radio-Canada reported that one of Mr. Charest’s objectives was to “affirm Québec’s determination to extend its influence in international organizations Canada belongs to on debates touching on areas of provincial jurisdiction.” (Available in French)