Cultural diversity

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Réunion des ministres des Affaires étrangères de l'ASEM: Engagement de la Chine à promouvoir la coopération Asie-Europe

M. Li Zhaoxing, ministre des Affaires étrangères de la Chine, le 17 avril 2004 – 2004/04/17

Speaking at the ASEM foreign ministers meeting in Kildare, Ireland, China’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Li Zhaoxing declared, “We must foster dialog and cooperation between the North and the South and, above all, meet the Millennium Development Goals. We must encourage different civilizations to coexist in harmony and commit ourselves to respecting and protecting cultural diversity.” Ministers from the 15 EU member states and Brunei, Japan, South Korean, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, China, and Vietnam gathered to prepare the upcoming ASEM Summit of heads of state and government in Hanoi, Vietnam. Participants from Europe and Asia found common ground on numerous issues, including the need to strengthen multilateralism, address global challenges, and respect cultural diversity. (Available in French)