Cultural diversity

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"La diversité culturelle est un objectif national qui rejoint un enjeu international"

Mme Hélène Chalifour Scherrer, ministre du Patrimoine canadien, Banff (Alberta), le 27 mars 2004 - 2004/03/27

Speaking at the 7th annual Canadian Arts Summit held in Banff, Alberta on March 27, 2004, Ms Scherrer pointed out that the recent Throne Speech clearly indicates that “the Government of Canada will continue to play a leadership role in the drafting of an international convention on cultural diversity” and declared her determination to see Canada play a leading role on cultural issues. Calling culture “a vital link that brings Canadians together and gives us a unique voice in the world community,” Ms Scherrer stressed that “we must act now if we want children here and in other countries to be able to find their lives reflected when they open a book, turn on the television or computer, or go to see a film. We also want to help our artists, as well as our cultural industries and entrepreneurs, reach international markets. With our small domestic market, this is a guarantee of profitability. This was the context for UNESCO’s decision last October to develop an International Convention on Cultural Diversity […] and I certainly intend to work for its acceptance.” To do so, Ms Scherrer called upon “all levels of government and communities across our country—in addition to organizations concerned with the development of our culture and the institutions that promote it, the artists who define it, and the public that is enriched by it” to support her in her efforts.  (Available also in French and English)