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Session d’information avec les délégations permanentes des États membres de l’UNESCO sur le processus d’élaboration d’un avant-projet de Convention sur la protection de la diversité des contenus culturels et des expressions artistiques

M. Koïchiro Matsuura, Directeur général de l’UNESCO, 7 avril 2004 - 2004/04/07

At the conclusion of the second meeting of the UNESCO group of experts held in Paris from March 30 to April 3, 2004, Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura updated UNESCO permanent member country delegations on the elaboration of the draft convention on the protection of the diversity of cultural contents and artistic expressions. This meeting adopted a new title of the convention. It is entitled from now: Convention on the protection of cultural content and artistic expression. Mr. Matsuura noted that the group of experts, whose makeup had been slightly modified to broaden its disciplinary scope and better balance male/female representation, examined a number of relatively advanced proposals and had moved beyond general discussions to start work on the text. Mr. Matsuura summarized the experts’ proposals, which are divided into five chapters, heralding the structure of the future convention. The draft is comprised of a preamble; a first chapter on the objectives and guiding principles underlying the convention; a second on definitions and areas of application; a third on the national and international rights and obligations of signatory states; a fourth on mechanisms of international cooperation; and a fifth and final chapter on implementation.
Mr. Matsuura outlined the timetable for future work, which will culminate in the adoption of the convention at the 2005 General Conference, and promised to provide permanent delegations with a summary of the meeting. He also called a third and final meeting of the group of experts for May 28 to 31, 2004, to finalize a consensual text paving the way for the intergovernmental phase. Member states will receive a report and preliminary draft of the convention around mid-July. Comments and observations must be returned to the UNESCO Secretariat by mid-November 2004, 10 months prior to the opening of the General Conference. Mr. Matsuura will then submit a draft convention and preliminary report that takes these comments into account seven months prior to the General Conference, i.e., toward mid-February 2005. At the same time, he will launch formal consultations with WTO, WIPO, and UNCTAD, which have offered to contribute to the draft document. (Available in French)