Cultural diversity

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"Le dialogue des cultures et la promotion de la diversité culturelle pour répondre aux grands problèmes de notre temps"

M. Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres, ministre de la culture et de la communication de France, le 7 avril 2004 - 2004/04/07

Speaking at the release of the French Memorandum on Cultural Cooperation in Europe, Mr. de Vabres affirmed that “more than ever, culture has a key role to play in strengthening social cohesion.” He went on to declare that one of the missions of his ministry is to “help ensure that everyone feels recognized, and that the French maintain their cultural specificity in the face of uncontrolled globalization.” In this light, he added, “our main mission is to see that the values of freedom, mutual respect, and pluralism find expression in the dialog of cultures and the promotion of cultural diversity.” France must ensure that “Europe has the means to master uncontrolled globalization,” because, in de Vabres’ view, “Europe’s supreme value is its respect for diversity and pluralism. And the goal of the government […] is to apply that value to culture.” Mr. De Vabres also explained the justification for the memorandum and outlined its contents, highlighting the underlying priorities, which include promoting cultural diversity in Europe and worldwide. (Available in French)