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"Comme membre de la Francophonie, le Québec a à cœur de promouvoir les cultures des pays francophones"

Communiqué conjoint, ministère de la Culture et des Communications/ministère des Relations internationales du Québec, le 6 avril 2004 - 2004/04/06

Burkina Faso’s Minister of Culture, Art, and Tourism, Mahamoudou Ouedraogo, and a delegation of Birkinabe artists have been invited to participate in a series of cultural activities offered during the Vues d'Afrique festival and the Salon international du livre de Québec. In a joint press release, the government of Quebec pays tribute to the host-country of the 10th Francophonie Summit. According to Gagnon-Tremblay, Deputy Premier and Minister of International Relations responsible for La Francophonie, “These events on Burkinabe culture are great examples of the strength of our cooperation in the cultural sector and the importance of our acts of solidarity with Burkina Faso.” Thus, she states, “As a member of la Francophonie, Quebec is eager to promote the cultures of francophone countries.” Line Beauchamp, Minister of Culture and Communications, stresses, “The Days of African and Creole Cinema, presented by Vues d’Afrique, demonstrates the cultural diversity that enriches humanity.” In this respect, the Minister of Culture and Communications and her Burkinabe counterpart will participate in a round table she has convened to discuss “challenges concerning the protection and promotion of cultural diversity within the context of UNESCO’s work towards creating a convention on the protection of cultural content and artistic expression.” (Available in French only)

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